Kitchenaid wall oven thermal fuse keeps blowing

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Kitchenaid wall oven thermal fuse keeps blowing

Time Required. An awesome member of our community made this guide. It is not managed by iFixit staff. Tell you straight: KitchenAid 'Self-Cleaning' electric oven lines of through have a design defect. They are under-insulated, not built to survive Self-Cleaning cycles: Self-Cleaning trips the thermal fuse. When an oven stops heating, one profiteering repairperson might want to point at an expensive computer control board.

Don't you fall for that! Follow this step only if you lack official documentation. Insert door removal pins into each door hinge. If you lack paper documentation, then probably you lack door removal pins, so you can use nails. Close door, hinges will jam, continue closing until hinges tilt upward. Lift and remove door.

Consult documentation Installation Instructions for proper instruction. Each side trim is fastened with one screw.

Remove screws, pull bottom end of trim away from oven, slide trim downward, pull it off. Each oven is secured to wall by two screws, one through each side mounting flange.

Use original shipping base and shipping feet if you have them. If you lack original documentation, then probably you lack shipping material, so you can use dimensional lumber or a shelf plank. Pull out oven, set it on a temporary stand, orient it so you have full access to its rear. Rear cover is fastened on with eleven screws through sheet metal, cruciform drive recess.

High torque is not involved, so fit is not important. Remove screws, rear cover. Cancel: I did not complete this guide. One other person completed this guide. Badges: Alone, I spent approximately one hour, snapping pictures and replacing subject part.

Although my pictures are mediocre, the photography took more effort than the repair. So required time for my single oven is less than half of one hour. For a double oven, or for small- or weak-bodied owners, this might be a longer job for a two-person team. Fix Your Stuff. KitchenAid electric oven thermal fuse Replacement Written By: unsubstantiated and one other contributor. Difficulty Easy.

Steps 4. Time Required 30 minutes - 1 hour. Sections 1. Flags 1. Member-Contributed Guide An awesome member of our community made this guide. Introduction Tell you straight: KitchenAid 'Self-Cleaning' electric oven lines of through have a design defect. Step 1 remove oven doors.This company is not yet accredited. See reviews below to learn more or submit your own review. Thank you, you have successfully subscribed to our newsletter!

Kitchenaid Double Wall Oven Thermal Fuse Replacement #WPW10545291

Enjoy reading our tips and recommendations. A link has directed you to this review. Its location on this page may change next time you visit. For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. One year later and after only a couple of uses, the temperature gauge is needing to be replaced AGAIN. This model has been discontinued - likely for a reason. We used it three times for dinner recipes. The fourth time we were baking cookies and after one batch, we raised the temp to and put another batch of cookies in the oven.

Mid way through cooking time, I opened the oven to check them, and flames shot out from the oven floor.

KitchenAid electric oven thermal fuse Replacement

I very quickly shut the oven door and found that my hair and eyebrow had been singed. I was given the run around The repairman lit the oven, waited til it reached the preheated temp, and stated that there was nothing wrong with it!!! Kitchen Aid said they can do nothing because they found nothing wrong with it. I am still waiting for a more satisfactory resolution and call and email them on a regular basis. Do not buy a product made by kitchen aid.

I also found, as was said in other reviews, that it takes a very long time to heat up and cool down. Thank God my damages were not more severe. But I wonder if Kitchen Aid would be more receptive. Going to call the Attorney General and fight this til I win. Wish me luck. Get buying tips about Ranges, Ovens, and Stoves delivered to your inbox.

I cook - a lot - and I also have a blog devoted to cooking. I have used several different ovens in my lifetime and currently have a KitchenAid wall oven that was an upgrade with our house. This oven takes forever to heat up and doesn't hold a steady temperature. I'll need a steady temp of degrees for 35 minutes and when I go to check it has dropped about 45 degrees! It is unbelievably frustrating, especially for recipes that require accurate times and temps.

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You would think Kitchenaid would correct this issue but no, I see it in review after review. They are aesthetically beautiful but function is at least to me far more critical than appearance.

And I've read literally hundreds of poor reviews for their refrigerators, too. Come on Kitchenaid. You can do better than this! I have had this Kitchenaid wall oven repaired 3 times because I have used the self cleaning 3 times and it never completes it cycle, called Whirlpool who makes Kitchenaid and will not take any responsibility for their defective design, I don't know what else to do besides taking them to court so that they can take responsibility for this Lemon.

Is there anyone out there that have some type of advice?? I replaced a GE double oven that was working but very old. My husband found the Kitchenaid model and we both liked it so we purchased it right before Thanksgiving in This oven is so bad. It takes forever to heat up, if you open the door after it's reached the correct temperature to put whatever you're cooking in, the temperature goes down degrees.This wall oven repair guide explains how to replace a thermal fuse. The fuse trips to protect the wall oven from excessive heating.

If the fuse blows, the oven won't heat. You can reset some fuses with the press of a button; this guide explains how to replace one that can't be reset.

Replace the thermal fuse using a manufacturer-approved replacement part. The self-cleaning cycle sometimes causes the thermal fuse to trip; if it trips when the oven isn't self-cleaning, investigate what caused the oven to overheat before using the oven again.

Set a sturdy work table or platform just in front of the oven and pad the surface of the table with a towel or cardboard to protect the table. Open the oven door and remove the mounting screws that secure the oven to the sides of the oven cabinet. Slide the oven forward in the cabinet. You should have enough slack in the electrical conduit of the power supply; if not disconnect the power supply wiring from the junction box for the wall oven.

With someone's help, carefully lift the oven out of the cabinet and set it on the table in front of the cabinet. Starting with the bottom screws, remove the mounting screws that secure the outer back panel to the oven frame. Remove the mounting screws from the thermal fuse. Remove the existing thermal fuse and set it aside for disposal.

Position the new thermal fuse on the back of the oven and line up the mounting screw holes. Insert the mounting screws and tighten them firmly. Position the wires on the ends of the thermal fuse terminals and push them onto the terminals.

Push the female spade connectors all of the way down so that they seat properly. Position the outer back panel on the oven so that the mounting screw holes line up. Starting at the top of the panel, insert the mounting screws and tighten them firmly. With someone's help, lift the oven into the cabinet. Reinstall the mounting screws on the sides of the oven cabinet that hold the oven in place. Learn how to replace a damaged outer window panel on your wall oven door with these step-by-step instructions.

If your oven door flops open fast, it's time to replace the hinges. Follow these step-by-step instructions to do it yourself. June 1, Quick links. Disconnect electrical power. Shut off the house circuit breakers for the wall oven to completely disconnect electrical power.

Remove the wall oven from the cabinet. Tip: Use the installation manual for your wall oven to guide you in this step. Remove the outer back panel. Remove the outer back panel and set it aside. Remove the thermal fuse. Disconnect the wires from the thermal fuse.Skip to main content of 28 results for "kitchenaid oven thermal fuse".

kitchenaid wall oven thermal fuse keeps blowing

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How to replace a wall oven thermal fuse

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Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web.It can be difficult to diagnose different malfunctions with your ovens, especially if you use a setting or functionality rarely or for the first time. This can even occasionally happen after you have put select models in self-cleaning. Installing fuses and safety devices always needs a little extra care and precision. You must be logged in to post a comment. Check the fuse box.

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Starting with the fuse box is good with any appliance repair project and not only for safety reasons: some fuses trip without a visible sign of being tripped, so flip it on and off to see if the problem is solved. Also, newer models of appliances may just need a complete shutdown and reboot so the electrical components can discharge.

This step is crucial not only so you can make any repairs to the inside or so you can rescue anything left inside the oven but so you can read the sticker with make and model information. This information is crucial if you have to order parts or if you call an electrician for potential diagnoses and solutions. If you can, have a second person help you move the heavy appliance. The over shutdown thermal fuse is one of the more likely pieces to blow.

The way this fuse operates is, when the environment is far too hot, it creates high resistance to protect your oven and essentially breaks or opens the circuit. But at room temperature, the circuit should be closed and functioning. If the resistance reads as very high or immeasurable, this is your broken part. Whenever you order a new replacement fuse, diode, or electrical component, be sure to test it before you install it. Did you think we already covered the difficult part?

Is the oven getting too hot? Is there an installation issue? Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. Schedule Service. Appliance Parts. Confirm Appointment. What We Service. Where We Service. Customer Reviews. Leave a Review.

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kitchenaid wall oven thermal fuse keeps blowing

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kitchenaid wall oven thermal fuse keeps blowing

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kitchenaid wall oven thermal fuse keeps blowing

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